Good news! Reservations are now open for the camping season.

How It Works

What is Toronto Outdoor?

Our mission is to help you do more outside while owning less gear. Get your rentals the day before your trip, and return them worry-free. 

How do reservations work?

You reserve the gear and package that you’d like to enjoy. The longer your reservation period is, the cheaper the price. Products can be kept for up to 7 days. You can choose to pick up the rentals at our store or let us deliver them to you. Rentals can be picked up or delivered on the day before your trip (Please see below if your departure/return date falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday).

What is a camping package?

It's a bundle of camping essentials your group will need to enjoy a camping trip. The things we include in a package will vary depending on the size of your group. The basic products we include in a package are tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, lanterns, stoves and coolers. 

How often are new products added?

New products and bundles are added weekly, and our newsletter subscribers get sneak peeks and discount access to them! 

How can I be sure that everything is clean?

Every product is hand-cleaned after every use. All tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, stoves etc. are cleaned thoroughly to guarantee sanitary and hygienic items for your reservation. Machine washable items and wearable items are laundered or dry-cleaned every time they’re returned, so they’re always fresh and clean for the next delivery. 

Damage Charge

Lost equipments will be charged at full retail price. For damaged products, Please refer to this table for prices of specific parts. 


Please call in to make an appointment if your departure or return date falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Appointments can only apply to customers who need to pick up/drop off their rentals directly at our store. If you miss the appointment without notifying us, your appointment will automatically be pushed forward to the next day, and a late charge will be applied to your order. 


Free cancellation up to 24 hours ahead of your trip (We treat the From/Time as the official departure date and time of your trip). Please email us with your order number and the items/orders you want to cancel.